VFX Job Roles


The process of digitally joining all different images to create one new image, typically for print, motion picture, or screen display. A compositor basically put all the layers together on a film to create the final product

Concept Artist


These work on bigger budget movies where visuals are very important to help create the scene they’re looking for. They’ll each be assigned a role whether it’s environment or character design. They must have up-to-date knowledge on software packages and must have excellent skills, and a good portfolio.

Layout Artist (3D Animation)


They break down 2D storyboards into 3D shots. They use designs and 3D models as reference to certain locations and props. They are also for establishing lengths of shots within a scene, for this you need to be highly skilled. They must be able to create an atmosphere, understand editing, and be able to apply motion capture.

Lighting Tech Director/Lighter

The main role of a Lighting Tech is to make sure the lighting’s consistent, colour balance, and mood in the images. They add CGI to make it look realistic and to match the live action panels. They must be able to work to design references  and work with a wide range of styles.

Marketing Executive

These work with other employees like advertising, marketing research, and sales. They are responsible for analyzing and investigating price, demand, and competition. They must write reports on on financial and statistical information. Usually require a background in marketing/business.

Marketing Producer

They will efficiently manage the project, making sure everyone is working correctly while also making sure the project stays in budget. Must be well organised, have great leadership skills and a history in VFX.

Match Move Artist

These Artists will imitate the camera movements in live action shots and match the movements in 3D. Must be skilled with relevant software and be interested in computer graphics/animation. Must show respect for the pipeline and requirement for specific studios.

Public Representative

A PR works to maintain a positive image of the client. Their main medium is social media and try to promote their products there. PR’s must stay calm in stressful situations and have great written and verbal skills. Networking is also required as good understanding of how the target works.

Roto Artist

They trace live action footage where graphics will interact with the image. This then creates clear areas known as mattes within the frame to allow the scene to be layered. Must have an understanding of fine art and photography, competent drawing skills good line quality and an eye for detail.


A good producer effectively manages the project, ensuring that everyone is working to a high standard and that it’s profitable. Must be well organised and have great leadership skills and have a long history in VFX. It is heavily recommended that you have a degree in animation or a similar subject.



A VFX coordinator is vital to the project management. They manage all aspects of production and post production.


A runner is a typical role to start off with in the VFX industry, they start off with small jobs for their superiors. For this job you need to work well under pressure and keep to a high standard whilst being tidy and efficient.


A VFX supervisor will decide what is needed for every shot. For bigger projects prototype effects may have to be seen by the director before production. Must display charismatic leadership skills and have an on-set experience. A qualification which proves your competence for this role is importance.

Digital Effects Supervisor

This role is very similar to supervisor except it’s specifically for digital effects. These people over look what’s happening with the team as a whole and what they’re doing that week, making sure they’re all on track and the VFX is what they client envisioned.

2D Supervisor

Artistic and technical responsibility in all 2D areas of a VFX production. Must have social competence such as leadership qualities, being able to work in a team, thriving under pressure and working to tight deadlines. Basic understanding of a CG pipeline and a keen eye for detail.

Pre-vis/Layout Artist

They are responsible for staging every shot and plotting the action that will take place in each scene. They need to have very good artistic skills, use of lighting, shadow, and colour. They must also understand the basic principles of cinematography as use of lenses, angles, and be able to apply motion capture to computer generated models.


A rigger is responsible for creating the skeleton for the CG model. They ensure that the all the joints move correctly and accurately. Must be knowledgeable in anatomy and understand how the flow of body. They have to be able to communicate with artists, and create the best work as a team. To be a rigger it’s wise to have a degree in animation or something similar.

Animation Director


Is in charge of all aspects of the animation pipeline. This may include character design, background animation, and everything else.

Effect Tech Director


Is a broad term for a range of disciplines within VFX. Typically they are in charge of simulations and that the software runs correctly, but a technical director typically means they have a specialist field. They must be knowledgeable in some computer languages and display patience for rendering software. Usually hold degrees in computer science or art and design.

Mo-cap Animator

They record people’s movement and apply it to a model or environment. Have basic understanding of 3D software as-well-as animation. Must understand lighting techniques and anatomy. A degree in a art related subject will suffice.

Crowd Artist

These are responsible for creating a crowd in a VFX sequence. They need to understand basic software required. Need to have good artistic skills including a strong sense of composition, perspective, and light. They must understand the principles of cinematography such as lenses, and positioning. Have a degree in a art related subject such as computer animation.


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