Games Pitches

Induction Week


When we all first joined the course we were given a task to create an RPG game. We were originally going to create it in game maker but no one knew how to use any software which was poor of the lecturers expecting us to know how. So instead Stephen brought it upon himself to go home and create the game for us on RPG maker to help the group as at the time we were considered the worst group there. The actual pitching was okay we had a lot of conflicting opinions between bad and good ideas. Everyone was designated a slide and did their part and I helped them with what to do as some of them were nervous. One thing went wrong in the pitch as someone did something completely unrelated to our game when they were talking about mechanics, made no sense, and made us look bad. At the end we got our feedback, took it, and applied it to our next pitch.

Stephen Hey

start screen2

Whilst we were creating Patient 0, we were all asked to create a game pitch the project manager of Chillingo, Electronic Arts. We created a pitch that I stayed in the library a few nights to do some proper research into what makes our horror game, horror. Most research I found supported that round rooms and furniture made people calm, this was mainly due to the fact they see all the way around it and it was unlikely there would be a surprise. So to invoke fear into people it would be the smart decision to make everything square, cornered, or jagged. Avoiding smooth corners on objects and rooms. I kept researching and I also found that different types of room shapes can affect people in different ways, like these.

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During the actual pitch most things went pretty smoothly apart from when a member of our team didn’t want to come in. Instead I took his slide because I made sure to know what everyone was doing so things ran well. Stephen Hey said he like our game and the amount of research that I put into it and that it made it different.

Global Game Jam


This is probably one of the better games I had been involved in during the year. The theme were given was rituals. I came up with the idea that a girl would come of age in her tribe, and she must go on a quest to find herself. I named the game Monachopsis which is feeling of being out of place. We all split roles evenly depending on our strengths and we merged with another team who were more experienced which wouldn’t have been possible without them. Our team consisted of Myself, Cameron, James, Allan, Stephen, and Megan. We all worked really well towards this game. During the actual pitch Allan pitched it for us on a live stream, he covered all aspects of the game and presented us very well.


I talked about this pitch in more detail here


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