Bed Model

I finished modelling my bed and it took longer than it should have. I made the bed frame first which I just followed to specifications on IKEA and measured my drawers to make sure everything fit right. To make the bed frame I created just the end board of the bed and duplicated it. After I bridged the two copies to create the bed frame. The pillows and quilt I left as box models and then turbo smoothed for the sake of a render, but I simulated them as cloth to save time and to experiment with the software.

I’m happy I didn’t have to mess with Mudbox to create wrinkles because that would have taken a long time to do, I’m fairly confident I can model furniture well now. I think I could have done better by texturing it but I was afraid it might stretch it and then it would just look bad. I could definitely improve with my colour scheme and rendering techniques.


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