Halloween Game


Working on the Halloween Game we were all assigned different roles and switch between them when we need to. I thought I would be most helpful creating the textures for the models because I know my way around Photoshop. James asked for a tiled floor texture for the pathway up to the house and I drew up a quick pattern and used a chalk brush to go with the art style. In Photoshop I created boxes with the selection tool and filled it in, then created a clipping mask to keep it neat without leaving the box. I still have to edit it and create the final version by softening the edges.


James quickly sent me a UV box net to test for texturing, to make sure it wouldn’t come out pixelated in the render. I just used the chalk brush again in photoshop and went around the seam to give the effect we wanted. I also did a few things on the faces to make sure it would turn out alright as a test.


I’m happy it went better than it did for me before when I made personalised textures and I know I’m good at texturing. I could improve on being more inventive with them and understanding how things look to people. Every one communicated efficiently and clearly, we created an asset sheet to keep track of things and what state certain things are in.

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