We had to start working on environments and tony was trying to help us. We started by drawing a rock by using the poly lasso tool in Photoshop, after we filled it in and created a clipping mask so we couldn’t go outside the lines, we used the gradient tool to create a shadow. After we finished the rock he asked us to create a brush with it by going into edit, and then define brush preset so it appeared in my brush menu.


He asked us to do the same with a cloud that I found on google images by turning it black and white, and inverting the colours.


Using different layers for background, middle-ground, and foreground. He asked us to try and create some shapes that could create an environment. I put the clouds in there as well to create a sense of foreboding. Once we did all that he told us to go in and change the hue of the layers to give it colour because it was just black and white beforehand.

I think this was a fun thing to do and I could improve for next time. I’m happy that we got to be creative but I wish I had better tools or I had more time to improve on it.


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