Concept Art – Viking Islands

viking floating islands1.png

This is my concept for Viking Islands, they’re all floating islands and on-top of them is quite primitive building with basic tech like a modern kettle and a fridge inside of the building which I will do next after I have finished this piece.

First I started by filling in basic volume and where I would like things to do in general without thinking about any lines and over-complicating it straight away.

viking floating islands2.png

I then created the line art for the person and tried to keep the pose right, I don’t think the arm on the right looks right but I’m not overly worried about it, I have the person wearing modern clothes as that would be a part of modern tech as they need machines to do it.

viking floating islands3.png

Once I am happy with all of my line art I then started using the lasso tool to create a silhouette of the figure and fill it in, after I have done that I could then paint in the same colour to make sure I got everything and that it all looks full and not jagged edges. After I’m happy with that I can use the magic wand to select all of the silhouette and create a mask and linking it to a folder by clicking this yeyeyyryh the mask tool. This makes sure that nothing can go outside of the lines that I have drawn.

viking floating islands4.png

Now that I’ve done the initial one I can now create a mask for the hair, skin, shirt, and skirt so I can’t just draw a line over them and would speed up my painting process. I started to create some shadows in it before I think about ambient and directional light.

I’m happy with what’s happened so far and I’m good with using colour and how to use Photoshop, I could improve by  spending more time editing the anatomy and probably could have fixed the arm if I didn’t worry about it too much. I haven’t finished yet so I could still improve by continuing to work on it and start filling in the background some more.


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