In peters class he showed us how to do tracking for objects in After Effects. We used the pan behind tool and activated all the objects as 3D objects. First we imported the footage into After Effects and used the text tool to create some text, for this we wrote our names. Then we went into the options menu and selected a shadow catcher for the text to give it some depth. After that we activated the ray-traced 3D option and added a 3D camera tracker to the clip and waited for it to render. I then selected 3 seprate points and in the middle of those, that’s where my text would go. I rendered this again and now my name effectivly stays in one place.

I’m happy that this was a reletivly easy process to follow and I now know how to do this kind stuff. I’m good at navagating adobe software because I’ve been using it so long but I could be better at being creative with my VFX work.


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