Camera Tracking


Pete was teaching us how track images but first he was teaching us how to make the camera look more stable. We dragged the composition into the box, with it highlighted, we selected the Warp Stabilizer tool and the Optics Compensation. This helps the blur some frames together to make it look smoother and the image looked like it was in kind of a fish lens, so that was to straighten it out a little.


Working on what we did last week Pete taught us 2 point tracking on buildings. He said to get 2 points with contrasting colour, like 2 different windows, and use them to create a place for the image. Then we would have to render the trackers so they knew where they were through the entire clip.

This would leave me with what I have above, I think it worked pretty well and I’m happy that I got to do this it was an interesting task and understanding what I’m doing too. He also got us to do a second one so we knew fully what we were doing and understood all of the work.



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