Synoptic Project Moodboard


This is a moodboard I created for our synoptic project. My idea is based off a fictional character and mine are Rick and Morty. They spend a lot of time in space and you see them in spaceships often and I thought it would be good to try and do one as there is so much you can do with them and it is easily expandable and it is something people can be creative with and show off their skills. This project could also include emissive maps which is something people haven’t really touched and it’s good to explore new things.

My second idea for the project was Hylton Castle, it’s quite close and it’s been around for 100’s of years so it was a good idea but it wasn’t very expandable as it’s very small on the inside and outside.


My last idea was Beamish, everyone seemed to be doing it and it looked like a good idea. But for it to look good it would have to be hyper realistic and it would take a long time, especially as people have varying skills. It would be scalable as you could start doing the inside of a shop or another section of the town but you’d be better off making that one section better.



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