VFX Name Animation


Today I finished my name animation in After Effects. I tried to finish it yesterday but I didn’t have enough time. I created the person in Photoshop and made the words in Illustrator. I then imported these files into After Effects and created a new composition. With the words I turned them into a vector so this process would be easier. At 2 seconds I split the words layer, duplicated it, and split it again.


So it kinda looks like that, on one of the layers I turned the opacity all the way down so there was a solid background for the piece.


I also duplicated the layer some more to make the animation look more full as it look too light and wispy. After I split the layers I added CC Scatterize to the layers. I then went to 2 seconds and clicked the stopwatch to start tracking it, I then went to 6 seconds which was the end and set CC Scatterize to 500 which gave the effect that it was exploding.


After all that, I moved the layer to the right slightly to make it look a little neater so the timeline looked like this.


I’m happy that it turned out good and looks good, I wish I had made the art differently instead of making the photoshop file at 1080, I could have used a higher resolution. I’m happy I got to do this as a piece that’s my own and not just something I was told to do, I wish I had done this sooner but I’m still happy with how it turned out.

Here it is in higher resolution.


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