Paint Study 1


I did this earlier to try and develop my art skills further. I plan on doing a drawing everyday to help be better at art and work on my line art as it’s not as good as it could be.


I got a reference picture from boyoungkimm and started outlining her, I also circled areas where it’s dark and very light to help be accurate with the piece. Most of what I did was very rough as my concentration was on colour for this and the lines were going to be left out anyways.


This is the layer I put all of my colour for the person on, I was planning for a quick one hour study but it ended up being a 5 hour piece, I found it tricky to not go far with my values as she is very pale and I naturally wanted to go very dark and saturated when I shouldn’t, especially around the face. This part helped me understanding shading white areas, I always used a light blue when I should use grey too. One of the hardest things to get right was the hair, trying to get dark areas around the hand while looking like strands, could have spent more time in this area but decided it wasn’t worth several more hours.


I made the glasses on a separate layer in case I went wrong and messed up the whole face. The tricky thing was that the glasses had shading and they were so thin, trying to get that right and making sure they’re round which I could have done a better job of but thought it was fine.


This is the last layer before I stopped using the line art. The background didn’t matter that much but the person started looking better when she had something behind her with the bright white of her shirt. Once I made the background I decided to blur it to make her stand out more and make the art look better.

I’m happy this turned out well and I hope to do more things like this in the future. It was only supposed to be a quick piece but I ended up taking a bit more time with it, over time I will get faster and better at this.


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