Paint Study 2


I did this in a similar process to the last one I did except use a different picture.


I got this reference picture from the show Shameless, I started by outlining him and circled significant areas where they are dark and light.


I started to fill in the person by the shirt and it was pretty much all black and had no highlights to it so that was an easy part.


I then started to do the face, this part was much harder than it was before with the other study as I kept running into problems with my values and volume. This piece ended up taking me days as I was struggling to get past some problems. This is helping me understand white skin tones are very de-saturated and should not be making them red especially in areas around the cheeks and lips, the nose is usually always red on people and I shouldn’t be making everywhere red.


Next I did the hair which was pretty simple. It is mainly all black with some green-ish tones coming through where you can see his scalp a little bit. Other than that a few small flicks coming off him to give the illusion of hair strands and it looked okay.


This was the last time I used the line art as a guide, the background was pretty simple and all the areas were pretty much the same colour except for that one dark line I couldn’t draw straight. Lastly I applied a filter to it to fix my values problem, made my darks darker and lights lighter.

I’m happy this turned out okay and I was hoping to improve by spending less time on it but that didn’t work well this time, I’m getting better as guessing and understanding colours even though in my finial piece at the top is different to the final painted one. I still want to create more study but doing them every day seems like more of a challenge now, especially now that I’m going to concentrate on other work now.


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