Synoptic Project Pitch

My idea is to create a spaceship that has windows looking out into space. It has a very clean feel similar to Star Trek and how the set looks but remains the modern sci-fi aesthetic of Rick and Morty. I would like to use a renderer such as Lumion but the college does have that kind of software so we’ll have to use 3DS Max Vray.

Everyone will have to model and texture something on their own or they might not have a lot for their end-of-year portfolio. Mostly people will be doing what they’re good at, everything will be QA’d and we will SCRUM and use an asset sheet to keep track of what people are doing and making sure they’re on schedule.


This is the floor plan I created, I tried to make some different shapes to keep it interesting because boxes don’t interest people. Where all the yellow parts are I wanted to create big windows where you can see out into the space and have some natural light coming in from there. This is also completely scalable as once we have finished the rooms as we could easily add another when we’re done or add another corridor linking into another room. The room to the far right is going to be like a control centre where there’s touch screen tables and sci-fi stuff like that. The middle room is just computers and other types of technology where it would look like people doing background stuff for the important people. The last one is just going to be full of CPU’s and servers that help with everything.


This supports what I wanted the hallway to kind of look like with the big windows and a sideways opening door and the natural lighting. I added the blue pattern in to just make it look more interesting.


This part is the big octagon where there are lights going up the sides illuminating it and there’s a huge bridge that you can walk across with a big circle platform in the middle to make it a little more interesting.


I wanted to look kind of bottomless where it just fades into black and there are just faint light going down. I thought maybe the middle could have some terminals like on The Stanley Parable.


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