First team meeting

We first go together to talk about what Tawid wanted to do with the project and where we wanted to go with it. We decided to do like a grand castle that has been well looked after, looks clean and nothing’s worn. After we got a general idea about it we made a kind of moodboard and found some reference images we like.

After that we thought about how our room would look and what type of thing we wanted in it. First thought was we need a floor plan and some sketches to get ideas flowing and it went well to get the general thought and getting something everyone can agree on.

When we did this, we all came to the conclusion that we wanted a balcony and a big set of stairs. We tried hard to come up with a good floor plan that would be modular and look nice whilst standing in the environment. I suggested using a more hexagonal shape to make the room more interesting to the viewer rather than just having a square which could seem very boring and repeated.

We started putting together measurements for pre-viz which would help us piece everything together and create accurate results that allan created.

We started making plans and sketches for furniture and decorative items that are in the room to start and get an idea for how things would look (the first one is mine and the other two are stephen’s).


I think the first group meeting went really well and we all understood and communicated what we thought. Tawid always got across what kind of aesthetic he wanted and we got a lot of reference pictures so we all understood his vision and we’re all happy things are going pretty smoothly.


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