Tunnel VFX

Today I got to use Mocha with Pete and how simple tracking can be with different programs. I imported the file sequence and created a new composition from the files, after I imported the PNG graphics file from Pete’s company to overlay and use in the scene. I did that and then went into the animation tab and selected Track in Mocha AE and Mocha loaded.


Which looks kinda different from After Effects but not too dissimilar. I then used the X Pen tool in the top bar to create the red outline on the wall where the trackers would be, and then selected ‘show planar surface’ to get the blue box up and then hit track backwards and then once it’s finished tracking hit track forwards to make sure I get everything in the video.

I exported it from Mocha by copying the export to the clipboard and pasted it onto a black solid, I pre-composed the black solid and put the png file on top of it in a different menu. In that menu I went into layer > transform > fit to comp to have the png file fit to the black solids size. The black solid is now in the main scene and is over the area I have tracked by copying it to the clipboard. In the main menu I turned down the opacity to 55% and changed it to colour dodge mode so it would better bled with the surrounding environment. After that it was pretty much it and I had finished this part.

I’m happy that I got to use Mocha for the first time and I’ve been wanting to use it for a while, I’m okay at navigating After Effects as I have Photoshop at home and use it daily. I would have liked to have done more VFX and maybe I would have gone into it if I had understood more about it or if it was covered during the first year. I could improve by following tutorials but I don’t have much time for that and there’s not much point to it now.


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