So I started the synoptic project being a Texture Artist. Everything was fine in the first few weeks. I kept prompting people every week asking them to do the models in the Asset list I created and I set up all the documents so that everything was clear and there wouldn’t be misunderstandings. After I kept asking people for models nothing was really being produced, and if something was, it didn’t pass QA. The only person who did model was Stephen but he textured all of his own work. A few weeks went by and I didn’t really know what to do, I couldn’t really blog about having done nothing. My work relied on other people doing their work, which was proving difficult. So now I’ve decided to become the Concept Artist. That way I only have myself to blame if I do not produce enough work.

The first and third image is an idea for decorative railing across the balcony. I thought it would look bad if there was just a hard edge there, even if it was chamfered it would still look too plain and boring. I tried coming up with lots of ideas for it but most of them we ended up disagreeing on. We want to go for a more ‘simple but elegant’ style with 17th century gothic influences such as this.


Gothic architecture is hugely popular in castles and and see it in many churches which is why I thought it would be a good idea to pursue it.

The second image is what I thought the skirting boards could look like expect if they were stone so the could have more shape to them and it would make the environment look more interesting.


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