I decided to create a PS4 for my creative and technical modelling. I first just created a square with the right measurements. Next I extruded inwards to create the line down the middle and how it looks like it goes in around the middle. I did create a high poly version but it wasn’t working out all too well so I will go into mudbox and step up the layers and smooth off the edges there. For the basic texture I used a plain diffuse black, but to try and create a shiny and matte surface I used a metalness and roughness maps. For this work work well  I had to use layer masking to make sure it wont affect the other polys. I will also use this technique for the blue emmissive map down the middle and to add a normal map to certain areas.

I’m happy that things have gone well so far even though the normal map hasn’t yet. It did take some time to get things right so it would be better if I could work faster to fully complete it.


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