In our scrum I showed everyone the sketches I made for the chair and we all agreed that the horizontal design is more fitting for the aesthetic of the room. There were different design for the chair so I said it was designers choice what version of the chair they do. Everyone talked about all of the model’s they’re finishing up and where they are. Stephen showed us the progress in the room he made with his models and what he’s building in unreal. So for it looks pretty good and everyone communicates with each other well and isn’t afraid to request things. Now that things are starting to narrow down I feel like things may be done on time if people were to quicken their pace. Since Tawid has been production manager the scrum sheet hasn’t been updated so I will have to continue doing it as no one else will. I’m happy that I’m able to fully communicate to my team properly but I wish they would listen more or be faster in producing work.


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