Stephen asked for a pattern or a stamp of sorts that can go into the corner of the roof tiles. I wanted to create a simple and pleasing design, since this wasn’t going to be viewed up close I thought detail didn’t matter a great deal. I originally created some designs first to see which kind of pattern I was going to go with first.


As you can see I went with the last one. I started by creating a circle, tear drop, and triangle shapes. The circle was originally too thick so I just created another circle, made it bigger and put it around the other circle to make it seem thinner. I got the tear drop shapes and duplicated them so there was 4 of them. I placed them exactly in the middle of each rotation. I wanted it so that the point would touch the middle and the outside would touch the circle and still leaving room in-between the tear drops so that the triangles would fit inside of the gaps. I did the same with the triangles as I did with the tear drops, I rotated and duplicated them. With the tear shape on the inside I just duplicated the first shape and scaled it down so that it would fit inside to make it look more interesting.

I’m happy it turned out well and I got exactly what I wanted and I know I can use Photoshop well to manipulate shapes and get the result I want. It took me about half an hour to do it so I guess it was pretty easy. I guess I could improve by having a more stylized design. In the end I got the stamp to Stephen and it worked well with the texturing process.

black ad white


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