Stephen needed to model a roof and he didn’t know what to do in terms of design. So I decided to do a bit of research and came up with a few ideas. The first one is just a simple square roof tiling design where there is wooden beams going across and then they go in a little and go in again so it almost looks like steps going into the roof. This is to avoid it looking too plain but Stephen took the idea and made it much better and more interesting to look at which it good, I guess he just needed a starting point. People were playing around with the idea of a dome shaped roof which I ended up being against as it didn’t really look good and wouldn’t have fit in with the shape of the room. Third picture was just and arched roof but this seemed to be too complex and would have wasted people’s time and would have taken too long to do so we thought maybe not. The 4th and last roof was more of a viking style roof which may have not fit into the castle aesthetic properly. The last one would have been the one that we picked but Stephen seemed to like the first one and seemed to be best for simplicity so that’s the one we went with.

I’m happy that we got what we wanted out of these drawings but I wish I could have done them a little faster (and better) but the point is to just get ideas across at the moment.


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