I was looking into what type of walls we should have and what material should go on them. I played around with different ones and mixing them together to see what matches best. 1 is stone and wood which would have looked nice but I don’t know how they would have been seamless across the walls which might have created problems further down the pipeline which is something we wanted to avoid. 2 is just one less beam in the wall which would have worked in terms of it being seamless but it might not have looked as nice against all of the decor. 3 is what we ended up going with because it was easy to do and we knew it would be seamless across the room, this matched well with everything in the room. The last was was just not an option from the start as the original idea was to have wooden flooring and we didn’t want to have too much wood as it might clash with the mass amount of wood in the room so we thought to scale it back a bit.

5 was too boring and we didn’t want to end up with a box room which wouldn’t have been pleasing to look at for the viewer. 6 had a corner that was too small and might have been strange to do and almost pointless. 7 is the hexagonal shape we were going for to make it more interesting and not just a big basic square.


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