A few rough sketched for a window idea I was playing around with. I use a lot of 17th century Gothic architecture inspiration to do this as I think they have a lot of interesting shapes and a lot of old castles seem to be very blocky with windows that look like slits in the walls. 1 or 6 is what I would have liked to ultimately have gone with for the big two windows at the front with a nice arch and some different shapes on the inside but we went with something different. 2 and 3 are too simple to look at but 3 is good to use above the doors on the second floor as they would create a nice shape on the floor when the light passes through the windows, the same goes for 1 and 6. 7 just looked odd being a circle in all of this, although it might have worked in an attic, but in a building with a lot of sharp edges I don’t think it would go with the room very well. 8 would be a very good window if we were to make another room as it’s nice and wide which is something people like to see in bedrooms. 9 would have been good if the building was old and worn down but that was not the look we were going for but it was nice to think about the idea.

I’m happy that I was able to get my ideas across well and I could definitely work on my shapes more but these are good few ideas to get started with.


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