A paint study I did to try and get into digital art a bit more. A big reason why I didn’t like it much was because of the brushes I had available and I couldn’t achieve the look that I wanted. Now I feel a bit more confident with the things I can do in the software. Usually I start by drawing the person and then start with values, but her skin is very light while the hair is dark so it was hard to not go so dark on the skin at all while trying to convey depth in the image. I let the background bleed on the image because I liked the way it looked. I didn’t go into detail too much because it was supposed to be quick and I just wanted to get some shape work done. I like the brush I used it helped me feel better about the art.

I’m happy it looks okay although I could have spent more time on it, it wasn’t supposed to be a big piece, I could have paid more attention to colour because while the values were restricted I could have played with them more.


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