Synoptic Project Moodboard


This is a moodboard I created for our synoptic project. My idea is based off a fictional character and mine are Rick and Morty. They spend a lot of time in space and you see them in spaceships often and I thought it would be good to try and do one as there is so much you can do with them and it is easily expandable and it is something people can be creative with and show off their skills. This project could also include emissive maps which is something people haven’t really touched and it’s good to explore new things.

My second idea for the project was Hylton Castle, it’s quite close and it’s been around for 100’s of years so it was a good idea but it wasn’t very expandable as it’s very small on the inside and outside.


My last idea was Beamish, everyone seemed to be doing it and it looked like a good idea. But for it to look good it would have to be hyper realistic and it would take a long time, especially as people have varying skills. It would be scalable as you could start doing the inside of a shop or another section of the town but you’d be better off making that one section better.



Halloween Game

While working on the Halloween game I textured a pillar, but because it’s a 2D game, I didn’t make all the faces line up correctly but make them look different so the environment looks more varied.


I also tried to make the floor tile look better than before by smoothing the edges and corners using blur and smudge tool.

Halloween Game


Working on the Halloween Game we were all assigned different roles and switch between them when we need to. I thought I would be most helpful creating the textures for the models because I know my way around Photoshop. James asked for a tiled floor texture for the pathway up to the house and I drew up a quick pattern and used a chalk brush to go with the art style. In Photoshop I created boxes with the selection tool and filled it in, then created a clipping mask to keep it neat without leaving the box. I still have to edit it and create the final version by softening the edges.


James quickly sent me a UV box net to test for texturing, to make sure it wouldn’t come out pixelated in the render. I just used the chalk brush again in photoshop and went around the seam to give the effect we wanted. I also did a few things on the faces to make sure it would turn out alright as a test.


I’m happy it went better than it did for me before when I made personalised textures and I know I’m good at texturing. I could improve on being more inventive with them and understanding how things look to people. Every one communicated efficiently and clearly, we created an asset sheet to keep track of things and what state certain things are in.

Halloween Game Idea


I quickly drew this in about 30 mins for an idea that we had to have for a Halloween game. The whole idea of the game is that you’re playing as the vampire who’s hunting Humans for their yearly food. This year, a lot have people suddenly have a cold, and you need to avoid the sick people or you’ll lose health. Another challenge is you have to avoid being seen by people when you attack, although this may not be added.

I’m also working on caring less about how my drawing look and rather improving on working to a time frame and just practicing enough for my skills to become better as line art is my only problem.

Year Goals


I’d like to do a piece of animation by the end of the year hopefully around 30 seconds. I think the main problem is finding 2D software that I can use to create it and using it. The college only has Flash and Photoshop which aren’t great packages for organizing 2D art.

A main focus of the 2D animation would be Humans and Animals because they’re important for general and future use knowing them would be useful skill.¬†Disney are my main inspiration for hand drawn art as they’ve been in it for a long time.

I’d like to apply to Teesside uni for Concept Art or Game Art ’cause I still want to stay in the art side of things and a little less of mechanics and code although I’m still personally interested in it.