This was kinda hard to take a picture of this because of the lighting but I tried to edit it to make it easier to see. This is a simple idea that would be fitting to have a neutral colour scheme with harsh lighting across the table and up the book shelf to make it look more interesting. The colour scheme of the room is supposed to have warm colours but I thought I would play more with a variety of things. This is supposed to be like downstairs in one of the corners where someone can just sit and read, with big pictures for decoration and I’ll find a way to incorporate the logo in somewhere. I think this will be fun to do and work on my perspective more too.



A storyboard piece I was doing and will probably take it into Photoshop and make it look better and digitally colour it in and everything. I wanted the stairs to be in the middle as they’re supposed to be the centre piece of the room. The original idea is that above the stairs is a big door that would have been the master bedroom and there would have been books and other furniture surrounding it. This was a good idea that people were playing with and I think I could develop it more and make something more of it. I think it was important to have other elements in the room such as the arches underneath the banister and the pictures on the wall. I think I will spend more time on it to make it better as a big piece and I’m happy I got a general idea to make something but it could look a lot better than it does right now but I don’t think perfection is the aim of a storyboard.


Quick sketches of doors and I just did what people would find easy to texture as going into something complicated would only frustrate people. These are just simple for people to do. It’s a bit mixed right now but I think they’re going for a simple square door and Stephen did one with lots of bolts on them. They’re all going to be wooden expect for the door frame which is going to be made of stone. Hopefully the stone will have a bit of a silhouette to it and won’t be a plain square around the door. I probably could have spent more time making this look better but I didn’t really think that it mattered and getting my idea across was what was most important.


A few rough sketched for a window idea I was playing around with. I use a lot of 17th century Gothic architecture inspiration to do this as I think they have a lot of interesting shapes and a lot of old castles seem to be very blocky with windows that look like slits in the walls. 1 or 6 is what I would have liked to ultimately have gone with for the big two windows at the front with a nice arch and some different shapes on the inside but we went with something different. 2 and 3 are too simple to look at but 3 is good to use above the doors on the second floor as they would create a nice shape on the floor when the light passes through the windows, the same goes for 1 and 6. 7 just looked odd being a circle in all of this, although it might have worked in an attic, but in a building with a lot of sharp edges I don’t think it would go with the room very well. 8 would be a very good window if we were to make another room as it’s nice and wide which is something people like to see in bedrooms. 9 would have been good if the building was old and worn down but that was not the look we were going for but it was nice to think about the idea.

I’m happy that I was able to get my ideas across well and I could definitely work on my shapes more but these are good few ideas to get started with.


I was looking into what type of walls we should have and what material should go on them. I played around with different ones and mixing them together to see what matches best. 1 is stone and wood which would have looked nice but I don’t know how they would have been seamless across the walls which might have created problems further down the pipeline which is something we wanted to avoid. 2 is just one less beam in the wall which would have worked in terms of it being seamless but it might not have looked as nice against all of the decor. 3 is what we ended up going with because it was easy to do and we knew it would be seamless across the room, this matched well with everything in the room. The last was was just not an option from the start as the original idea was to have wooden flooring and we didn’t want to have too much wood as it might clash with the mass amount of wood in the room so we thought to scale it back a bit.

5 was too boring and we didn’t want to end up with a box room which wouldn’t have been pleasing to look at for the viewer. 6 had a corner that was too small and might have been strange to do and almost pointless. 7 is the hexagonal shape we were going for to make it more interesting and not just a big basic square.


Stephen needed to model a roof and he didn’t know what to do in terms of design. So I decided to do a bit of research and came up with a few ideas. The first one is just a simple square roof tiling design where there is wooden beams going across and then they go in a little and go in again so it almost looks like steps going into the roof. This is to avoid it looking too plain but Stephen took the idea and made it much better and more interesting to look at which it good, I guess he just needed a starting point. People were playing around with the idea of a dome shaped roof which I ended up being against as it didn’t really look good and wouldn’t have fit in with the shape of the room. Third picture was just and arched roof but this seemed to be too complex and would have wasted people’s time and would have taken too long to do so we thought maybe not. The 4th and last roof was more of a viking style roof which may have not fit into the castle aesthetic properly. The last one would have been the one that we picked but Stephen seemed to like the first one and seemed to be best for simplicity so that’s the one we went with.

I’m happy that we got what we wanted out of these drawings but I wish I could have done them a little faster (and better) but the point is to just get ideas across at the moment.


Stephen asked for a pattern or a stamp of sorts that can go into the corner of the roof tiles. I wanted to create a simple and pleasing design, since this wasn’t going to be viewed up close I thought detail didn’t matter a great deal. I originally created some designs first to see which kind of pattern I was going to go with first.


As you can see I went with the last one. I started by creating a circle, tear drop, and triangle shapes. The circle was originally too thick so I just created another circle, made it bigger and put it around the other circle to make it seem thinner. I got the tear drop shapes and duplicated them so there was 4 of them. I placed them exactly in the middle of each rotation. I wanted it so that the point would touch the middle and the outside would touch the circle and still leaving room in-between the tear drops so that the triangles would fit inside of the gaps. I did the same with the triangles as I did with the tear drops, I rotated and duplicated them. With the tear shape on the inside I just duplicated the first shape and scaled it down so that it would fit inside to make it look more interesting.

I’m happy it turned out well and I got exactly what I wanted and I know I can use Photoshop well to manipulate shapes and get the result I want. It took me about half an hour to do it so I guess it was pretty easy. I guess I could improve by having a more stylized design. In the end I got the stamp to Stephen and it worked well with the texturing process.

black ad white

In our scrum I showed everyone the sketches I made for the chair and we all agreed that the horizontal design is more fitting for the aesthetic of the room. There were different design for the chair so I said it was designers choice what version of the chair they do. Everyone talked about all of the model’s they’re finishing up and where they are. Stephen showed us the progress in the room he made with his models and what he’s building in unreal. So for it looks pretty good and everyone communicates with each other well and isn’t afraid to request things. Now that things are starting to narrow down I feel like things may be done on time if people were to quicken their pace. Since Tawid has been production manager the scrum sheet hasn’t been updated so I will have to continue doing it as no one else will. I’m happy that I’m able to fully communicate to my team properly but I wish they would listen more or be faster in producing work.

Emblem (2/2)

These are the finished images of the emblem I created for Stephen. It’s only in black and white so he could use it as an alpha image to stamp on as a normal map onto the shield. I got the last sketch and filled in all of the line art. Once I filled it all in with black I then inverted the colours just in case he needed it the other way around. It looks much better on the shield and translated well into 3D imagery. It took longer than it should have but it looks good so I’m happy with how it turned out in the end. I will finish a colour one for the banners.



These are some ideas I had for a chair design. I broke it down by back, seat, and leg. I wanted to create a simple design that would be easy for the modellers to create as something quite complex would take up a lot of time and we don’t have much of that. I tried going with horizontal and vertical designs and I wasn’t sure which one to go with so it would be designers choice. A lot of the designs are curved to do with the aesthetic of the castle. It is the same for the legs where having a more minimalist design would be inappropriate for that setting. I’m happy I got a variety of designs down and I hope they translate well into 3D, I wish I could have had more leg designs although the first one is the only one I really wanted.