So I started the synoptic project being a Texture Artist. Everything was fine in the first few weeks. I kept prompting people every week asking them to do the models in the Asset list I created and I set up all the documents so that everything was clear and there wouldn’t be misunderstandings. After I kept asking people for models nothing was really being produced, and if something was, it didn’t pass QA. The only person who did model was Stephen but he textured all of his own work. A few weeks went by and I didn’t really know what to do, I couldn’t really blog about having done nothing. My work relied on other people doing their work, which was proving difficult. So now I’ve decided to become the Concept Artist. That way I only have myself to blame if I do not produce enough work.

The first and third image is an idea for decorative railing across the balcony. I thought it would look bad if there was just a hard edge there, even if it was chamfered it would still look too plain and boring. I tried coming up with lots of ideas for it but most of them we ended up disagreeing on. We want to go for a more ‘simple but elegant’ style with 17th century gothic influences such as this.


Gothic architecture is hugely popular in castles and and see it in many churches which is why I thought it would be a good idea to pursue it.

The second image is what I thought the skirting boards could look like expect if they were stone so the could have more shape to them and it would make the environment look more interesting.


Synoptic Project

Last week we were set to work in production but things became halted by uni interviews and illness but that didn’t stop everyone from moving forward. I started to work on more concept art for the project and creating a crest for the project which everyone had requested for the castle.


I’m still working on it by trying to smooth out the lines and adding colour to it. Stephen had a request that I create a black and white of it so he can stamp it onto the shield that has been created.

We had a SCRUM that lasted around 4:35 and we talked about what we were doing for that week and what our goals were for next week, I was to focus on creating more art and the emblem, everyone was to work on assigned models and focus on just building the room. I think everything is still working well however I do wish we could communicate a little more and not be afraid to speak out when something goes wrong, but we all get together and we make sure everyone is on the same page with things to avoid confusion.

First team meeting

We first go together to talk about what Tawid wanted to do with the project and where we wanted to go with it. We decided to do like a grand castle that has been well looked after, looks clean and nothing’s worn. After we got a general idea about it we made a kind of moodboard and found some reference images we like.

After that we thought about how our room would look and what type of thing we wanted in it. First thought was we need a floor plan and some sketches to get ideas flowing and it went well to get the general thought and getting something everyone can agree on.

When we did this, we all came to the conclusion that we wanted a balcony and a big set of stairs. We tried hard to come up with a good floor plan that would be modular and look nice whilst standing in the environment. I suggested using a more hexagonal shape to make the room more interesting to the viewer rather than just having a square which could seem very boring and repeated.

We started putting together measurements for pre-viz which would help us piece everything together and create accurate results that allan created.

We started making plans and sketches for furniture and decorative items that are in the room to start and get an idea for how things would look (the first one is mine and the other two are stephen’s).


I think the first group meeting went really well and we all understood and communicated what we thought. Tawid always got across what kind of aesthetic he wanted and we got a lot of reference pictures so we all understood his vision and we’re all happy things are going pretty smoothly.

Synoptic Project Pitch

My idea is to create a spaceship that has windows looking out into space. It has a very clean feel similar to Star Trek and how the set looks but remains the modern sci-fi aesthetic of Rick and Morty. I would like to use a renderer such as Lumion but the college does have that kind of software so we’ll have to use 3DS Max Vray.

Everyone will have to model and texture something on their own or they might not have a lot for their end-of-year portfolio. Mostly people will be doing what they’re good at, everything will be QA’d and we will SCRUM and use an asset sheet to keep track of what people are doing and making sure they’re on schedule.


This is the floor plan I created, I tried to make some different shapes to keep it interesting because boxes don’t interest people. Where all the yellow parts are I wanted to create big windows where you can see out into the space and have some natural light coming in from there. This is also completely scalable as once we have finished the rooms as we could easily add another when we’re done or add another corridor linking into another room. The room to the far right is going to be like a control centre where there’s touch screen tables and sci-fi stuff like that. The middle room is just computers and other types of technology where it would look like people doing background stuff for the important people. The last one is just going to be full of CPU’s and servers that help with everything.


This supports what I wanted the hallway to kind of look like with the big windows and a sideways opening door and the natural lighting. I added the blue pattern in to just make it look more interesting.


This part is the big octagon where there are lights going up the sides illuminating it and there’s a huge bridge that you can walk across with a big circle platform in the middle to make it a little more interesting.


I wanted to look kind of bottomless where it just fades into black and there are just faint light going down. I thought maybe the middle could have some terminals like on The Stanley Parable.

Synoptic Project Moodboard


This is a moodboard I created for our synoptic project. My idea is based off a fictional character and mine are Rick and Morty. They spend a lot of time in space and you see them in spaceships often and I thought it would be good to try and do one as there is so much you can do with them and it is easily expandable and it is something people can be creative with and show off their skills. This project could also include emissive maps which is something people haven’t really touched and it’s good to explore new things.

My second idea for the project was Hylton Castle, it’s quite close and it’s been around for 100’s of years so it was a good idea but it wasn’t very expandable as it’s very small on the inside and outside.


My last idea was Beamish, everyone seemed to be doing it and it looked like a good idea. But for it to look good it would have to be hyper realistic and it would take a long time, especially as people have varying skills. It would be scalable as you could start doing the inside of a shop or another section of the town but you’d be better off making that one section better.