VFX Name Animation


Today I finished my name animation in After Effects. I tried to finish it yesterday but I didn’t have enough time. I created the person in Photoshop and made the words in Illustrator. I then imported these files into After Effects and created a new composition. With the words I turned them into a vector so this process would be easier. At 2 seconds I split the words layer, duplicated it, and split it again.


So it kinda looks like that, on one of the layers I turned the opacity all the way down so there was a solid background for the piece.


I also duplicated the layer some more to make the animation look more full as it look too light and wispy. After I split the layers I added CC Scatterize to the layers. I then went to 2 seconds and clicked the stopwatch to start tracking it, I then went to 6 seconds which was the end and set CC Scatterize to 500 which gave the effect that it was exploding.


After all that, I moved the layer to the right slightly to make it look a little neater so the timeline looked like this.


I’m happy that it turned out good and looks good, I wish I had made the art differently instead of making the photoshop file at 1080, I could have used a higher resolution. I’m happy I got to do this as a piece that’s my own and not just something I was told to do, I wish I had done this sooner but I’m still happy with how it turned out.

Here it is in higher resolution.


VFX Lesson


In a brief 20 minutes lesson we learned how to do this in After Effects with a skull. I started up Illustrator and used the pencil tool to create the vector art and started drawing out all the shapes. It took me about two hours to include small details so that it didn’t look so boring on it’s own. Once I finished drawing in Illustrator I saved it and left it so the vectors are still there, then I imported it into After Effects, turned it into a single vector object and then set it to reveal singularly rather than simultaneously. Finally I put it into Media Encoder to export it as a GIF.

I’m happy that my file saved after the computer crashed, and I could have been more careful about my line work. I’d improve it by using actual hair as a reference instead of just doing anything.